There is nothing like having a well marked, smart striding Dalmatian to walk down the street and having kids and adults alike pointing and saying, “Look, Look there is a Dalmatian, can we please have a pat?” and then watching the Dalmatian’s head swell with pure pride as they are being stroked by a total stranger.

Our aim is to bring the best possible lines from around the World and make them available in Tasmania, Nationally and also is rapidly becoming Internationally, as our reputation as producing quality Dalmatians grows, to not only show homes but pet homes alike. Although we are about high quality showing and breeding, our dogs are first and foremost our pets and in fact much loved members of our family.

Anyone thinking about purchasing a Dalmatian should firstly consider that they are a very active dog who needs lots of daily exercise hail, rain or shine, and we are not talking 1 kilometre a day here.  Dalmatians need between 4 and 6 kilometres daily and plenty of free galloping whenever possible.  



We are a small kennel located in Northern Tasmania with emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Our foundation dog is Ch Trudals Black Majic,  who really strutted his stuff in Tasmania and we thank Jenny for allowing us the privilege of owning such a showman.

He opened so many doors for us, and will always be a cherished member of our family !




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