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  Name : Elizabeth
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Gumtree and dogzonline
Comments : Thankyou Michelle and family for our gorgeous boy! Having bought a whippet from a breeder previously I knew this was the only way to go... the support, advice and care throughout the whole process is exactly how I wanted/ needed the process of getting a new family member to be. Our new little whippet boy is confident, affectionate and well mannered with good habits that came with him from the very first night! We could not be happier with our pup and the whole experience and time taken throughout 💕💕💕.
Date : 10-Feb-20

  Name : Rachael George
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Google and word of mouth
Comments : As a prospective first time Dalmatian owner we had plenty of questions regarding the breed. We had decided on an LUA puppy and discovered that Adstaff is the most experienced breeder in Australia of LUA dogs. Michelle is a wealth of knowledge regarding the breed and passionate about breeding well tempered and healthy dogs. We are nearly 6 weeks into our Dalamatian experience and whilst "Zac" has plenty of puppy exuberance, there have been no aggressive or worrying behaviours. Michelle organised the freight to suit our schedule and "Zac" arrived well groomed, with a collar/lead, toy, blankie and information booklet. I had contacted Michelle with a couple of general questions and she always reinforces that it's fine to contact her anytime. I recommend Adstaff as reputable breeders who not only care about their dogs, but also provide support to owners and are wonderful ambassadors for the breed.
Date : 1-Jun-19

  Name : Tracy Ryan
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Google search
Comments : Michelle and Adam are wonderfully passionate breeders who have ensured that we have as much knowledge and backup as possible to keep our beautiful dalmatian puppy healthy and happy. It's also great to know that as our pup grows we can contact them for advice and they love to see regular pics. Can't recommend them highly enough!
Date : 20-May-18

  Name : Ryan Slaven
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Website
Comments : Amazing people. Helped through the whole process. We got our awesome little Dalmatian pup and the process was so smooth. Even though it was Air freight from Tassie, everything worked out perfect. These are breeders you can trust and not just in it for the money, they are more concerned with the dogs welfare. Definitely trusted people both Adam and Michelle. Thanks
Date : 23-Aug-16

  Name : Erin Reschke
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : By Word of Mouth
Comments : We found out about Adstaff by word of mouth. My family and I were lucky enough to get in contact with Adam and Michelle early on and be apart of the whole process. We were kept informed on litter progress, once we selected our Dalmatian puppy 'Marshall' we were given regular updates. They answered my million questions on everything. I do believe we have made some great friends with Adstaff Kennel and look forward to keeping in contact. Marshall has an awesome personality and I cant wait to see what he can do in the Dog Sports ring.
Date : 17-Aug-16

  Name : Jenny Walshe
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Dogzonline
Comments : I would like to commend Michelle & Adam for their kindness & professionalism during my process of purchasing my Staffy puppy from them. I was determined to find a white/pied puppy & had rang lots of kennels when I came across Adstaff. Michelle sent me photos of all the pups straight away & told me all the tests they had done on the pups & parents to make sure there were no concerns whatsoever with the pups. I felt bad that I asked so many question but they were all answered honestly & factually. Then asked for more photos of one particular pup & then videos as well. There were many questions including temperament & sociability and other traits dogs have that I did not want. After all this, I then thought I had finally found the pup for me. Organisation of pet couriers from Tassie to Melbourne, payments & all papers were quickly resolved & within two days, our new member of our family had arrived in Melbourne. He is everything I wanted in a pup plus more. He has so much personality - very sociable both with humans & other dogs. He is very easy going taking to the crate & is very clever learning tricks at such a young age. He is keen on being a watchdog only barking if things do not seem right. He has the personality that makes me laugh lots of time during the day. He is cuddly & cheeky & growing up very fast. I thank Michelle & Adam for finding the fur baby of my dreams.
Date : 28-Jan-16

  Name : Shane L
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Dogzonline
Comments : Thank you Michelle for our gorgeous whippet. We love him dearly and thank you and your family for entrusting us with him. He is everything we wanted! Thank you also for answering our questions at any time of day.
Date : 13-Jun-15

  Name : Chantelle Dart
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : DogzOnline
Comments : I am so thankful to have found Adaff Dalmatians. I lost my greatdane almost 12 months ago and a piece of my heart was missing. I've wanted a dally for years and Michelle did everything possible to fill that missing piece! She answered all of my silly questions at all hours of the day/ night, made me feel comfortable even though we havnt met face to face. The moment I layed eyes on my beautiful Ziggy my heart was full again. I cannot wait to start my showing career being my first ever show dog. Michelle once again is there anytime I need help or advice. Thankyou Thankyou
Date : 17-Mar-15

  Name : Aleksandra
Web Site : http://n/a
Country : SA
How you found us : Facebook
Comments : When we first wanted to add a Dalmatian puppy to we only felt comfortable looking at local breeders. We had been on a very long waiting list and in the process of moving into our own home when I stumbled across a Facebook post by adstaff Dalmatians. It felt like fate that day when i logged into their website and straight away noticed this handsome black spotted Dal who was still avianle. We straight away realised we had found our fur baby and we spent that night watching countless YouTube clips of pervious pups and proud show moments. From the moment I first spoke to Michelle to the day we picked him up we had loads of support and she was always so happy to answer all our questions and there were many and still are. When we picked him up he looked healthy and was generally a trusting healthy pup. We have had him a couple days and we already could not imagine life any other way. He fits in like he has been here forever. I'm would recommend adstaff in a heartbeat!
Date : 15-Feb-15

  Name : sam hall
Web Site :
Country : australia
How you found us : facebook
Comments : after deciding that we would love to add another Dalmatian to our home & hearing about Adstaff Dalmatians, a phone call was made, talking to Adam was the best decision I made my boy brings me so much joy every day I love coming home to him..the way michelle keeps in touch & is happy to answer questions makes it a very easy decision to know where my next puppie is coming from
Date : 21-Jan-15

  Name : Debbie Bennett
Web Site :
Country : USA (California)
How you found us : Facebook
Comments : I had been looking for the right Dal puppy for over two years and I was fortunate to come across Adstaff and I was VERY impressed with their Dalmatians so I decided to buy my little girl from them. I will admit I was very nervous about having my puppy shipped on such a long flight, but Adam and Michelle were just wonderful and so kind and answered all my questions and addressed my concerns. I have NEVER been so impressed by breeders as I am with Adam and Michelle! They were great about sending me pictures and videos of my puppy as she grew and ALWAYS replied to me when I messaged them! I understand that breeders are busy, but even as busy as they are, Adam and Michelle ALWAYS took the time to keep in constant communication with me! When I got my little girl, she was groomed beautifully, very healthy and very happy! I have had my Fallon for 5 days now and she is the most loving, sweetest puppy and has an AMAZING temperament as well as being beautifully marked! I am so very grateful that I found Adstaff Dalmatians and HIGHLY recommend them if you are in the market for a puppy! I will definitely be buying another puppy from them! I just can't say enough good things about Adstaff! It was such a wonderful experience and everything went so smoothly and I now have my perfect little girl! Thank you so much Adam and Michelle for everything! I am so very happy to be part of the Adstaff family!
Date : 19-Jan-15

  Name : Kate Benzin
Web Site :
Country : Indonesia
How you found us : dogzonline
Comments : I've been wanting to import a whippet into Indonesia for some time. I knew that the process would be a complicated one, but eventually I started looking for a whippet puppy in Australia. I remember wondering how I could possibly choose a puppy without seeing the litter in person, but Michelle and Adam made me comfortable about the whole process. Besides that, when I saw that they had Dalmatians along with whippets, I felt it was Fate because I have 4 Dals. Lastly, Michelle and Adam were very responsive to all my questions and needs throughout the long, complicated process of bringing my new baby to Indonesia. Thanks a million!
Date : 12-Jan-15

  Name : Brenda Nomura
Web Site :
Country : USA (Hawaii)
How you found us : dogzonline
Comments : I was VERY, VERY nervous about buying a puppy online and wiring money to another country, but from the very start I was impressed with how thorough Michelle was with providing information, how patient she was when I bombarded her with questions, how quickly she answered my emails, and most of all how personable she is. Michelle's personality really put me at ease. Of course I was still a bit nervous until Mandy arrived safely in Honolulu and in my arms, especially being that it is such a long trip to Hawaii. When she arrived I almost cried with joy and relief. I am thrilled with the dalmatian puppy I received from Adstaff! Mandy is a beautiful puppy. She's so smart and has a great temperament. Very affectionate and loves to snuggle and give kisses. I would absolutely recommend Adstaff to those thinking of getting a Dalmatian puppy.
Date : 16-Jul-14

  Name : Denni Maxwell
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Facebook
Comments : I am so very blessed to have had the opportunity to have an ADSTAFF whippet as my first show dog. From the moment Eddie arrived he has had my heart. A massive thank you to Michelle for entrusting our family with this gorgeous boy and all of the support that you provide.
Date : 7-Jul-14

  Name : Kathryn Hancock
Web Site :
Country : Australia (Tasmania)
How you found us : Dogzonline website
Comments : We purchased our Dalmatian puppy from Adstaff a few months ago, and we are thrilled at the way he has integrated into our family. Oscar has the most wonderful temperament, lives in harmony with our existing pets (cat, other dogs, chooks) and our young family. Adam and Michelle were pleasant to deal with, and I had the luxury of visiting the pups before collection time as I am a Tasmanian local. Adam kept us constantly updated with photos and video clips of the puppies as they grew up. Puppies are well and truly checked for soundness before leaving with their new families, my local vet was thrilled to have such a beautiful puppy as her patient when we presented for Oscar's second vaccinations. I would definitely purchase another puppy from Adstaff if the occasion arose. Thanks so much Adam and Michelle!
Date : 29-Apr-14

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