History of Adstaff Dalmatians

Adstaff started back in 1990 with the purchase of Adam's first show dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier by the name of Borstaff Peter Poppleton (Jock), after some success in the showring his purchase was shortly followed by the purchase of Bustabones Bertha Booth (Bertha). Jock had about 85 Championship Points from limited showing and Bertha received her Championship Title.

We bred a few beautiful litters including a Best In Show winner, Australian Champion Adstaff Pippa Poppen, who went on to produce many Australian Champions and even one Australian and American Champion for Wendy and Mark Evans of Evastaff Kennels.

Unfortunately, our Staffordshire days came to abrupt end with our relocation to Longford, where our last Staffordshire Terrier was stolen and made a miraculous return to our gate two months later, following a storm.  Despite our attempts at increased security, by way of combination locks on our gates, my wife found a young man handing our dog over the six foot locked gate to his mate whilst home sick from work.  We further tightened the security and secured him in the backyard but eventually he was stolen again and did not return.

While utilising every resource to have him returned, we were informed by the local authorities it’s a common practice in Longford for tough breeds like Staffordshire’s to be stolen. Our only hope is that whoever has him loves him the same way we did.

This gave us the incentive we needed to go with the breed Adam had been reared with, the noble, majestic Dalmatian!