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                    • R&D IDEAS

                      Mr. Yang Changhui has been in the non-woven industry for more than 30 years and accumulated rich experiences in non-woven fabric, non-woven machinery, and non-woven accessories. Under the guidance of Mr. Yang, SANFAI focus on scientific and technological innovations and has been considered as the leading supplier of nonwoven machines in China.We will continue to meet customer needs and make effort to improve product quality. Always maintain a distinct competitive advantage in the industry.

                    • R&D CENTER

                      SANFAI Nonwoven R&D center in Shantou is the Guangdong non-woven machinery engineering technology research center certified by Department of Science and Technology Guangdong Province. We have maintained close cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutions for a long time. In 2020, SANFAI was awarded the title of "China Needle Punching Machine Product R&D Center".

                    • ACHIEVEMENTS

                      By 2020, SANFAI Nonwoven has obtained 88 intellectual property rights. including, 10 invention patents, 59 utility model patents, 18 appearance patents, and 1 software copyright. Participated in drafting 3 national standards for the industry. Won national, provincial and municipal science and technology awards.

                    • PRODUCTION CAPACITY

                      Our manufacturing center is located in High-Tech Development Zone in Jieyang, covering an area of 100,000 m2. It is a landmark enterprise in the local High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The garden building with a total capacity of 30,000 m2 is a centralized display of the highest production level in the industry. Our nine workshops are integrated with full chain production capabilities ranging from warehousing, blanking, welding, machining to finishing, surface treatment and assembly.

                    • PROCESSING CAPACITY

                      Under the guidance of “Innovative product, efficiency management, pre-eminent quality, pursuance excellence” In order to provide a strong guarantee for high precision, efficiency and intelligence in production, SANFAI has imported a series of ultra-wide, high-precision machining equipment, which has complete varieties and advanced functions.

                    • QUALITY CONTROL

                      SANFAI Nonwoven not only has a series of precision testing instruments such as Zeiss CMM, but also has a mature quality management system. It has successfully passed the ISO9001 certification. In 2020, SANFAI has become Siemens control panel certified partners. The products of the electrical system, the professional qualifications of electrical personnel, and the level of electrical assembly operations and other aspects have been recognized by our customers.


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